15th June 2017

If you don’t live near your loved ones, travelling to see them can be a long and arduous trip. This often means that you don’t get the opportunity to see your family very often – big family reunions are a rarity, occurring on only the most special occasions.

When you do go to see your relatives, the day can end up being spoiled by anxiety if your car isn’t the most reliable. In this situation, car hire is the perfect way to put your mind at rest.

Hiring a car will allow you to travel the distance in the utmost comfort and style, safe in the knowledge that your hire car is guaranteed to make the trip a breeze.

Celebrating Family

But what is Visit Your Relatives Day all about – and why should it make you travel to see your family?

As its name suggests, Visit Your Relatives Day is an international event set up to encourage family gatherings. Celebrated on May 18th each year, the day aims to inspire families to visit one another, especially relatives who don’t get the opportunity to see each other very often.

Our families are one of the most important support networks in our lives, and while we might not always get on with every relative, we know that our families are always there to support us and help us out during our hour of need – families are there to be relied upon.

However, visiting family is something that often gets missed out on, especially if family members are widespread and schedules are always busy. Many people wish that they had the chance to visit their family more often, which is why Visit Your Relatives Day is so important – giving people the kick they need to stop putting it off and find the time to go and visit their loved ones.

Make the Journey Easy with Car Hire

If a family reunion is on the cards this year, then the chances are that you will have to travel in order to attend. Make sure that you can get to your family gathering without a hitch with car hire from Global Self Drive; say goodbye to the worries brought on by unreliable cars and allow yourself the peace of mind to focus on enjoying quality time spent with your family and loved ones.

For more information about the range of hire cars and services that we have available, please browse our website or contact a member of our team today.

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Customer Testimonials

Excellent service – 1st rate – Vehicle Supplied was excellent and very good value for money. Satisfaction rating 10 out of 10

J Fulcher

Great Service! Great Guys! I have rented from other companies in the past and had mixed experiences with them. I have shown up for a rental and they didn’t have a vehicle for me. I have been overcharged. You name it! I rent vehicles all the time for my band. These guys were prompt and courteous.

Kenneth Edwards

This is the 3rd time I've hired from Global and I love the experience. The staff are wonderful and go above and beyond to be helpful. The 1st time we only had 2 of us in the car. The 2nd time there was four and this time 5. We might need a bus next time, lol. I've hired from 2 different companies in Cambridge before and they were a total pain to deal with. You guys make the whole experience easy and I am very grateful, thanks!

John Morris

A couple of weeks ago I had to rent a 17-passenger van for the film crew that I work with. I was served by your Ipswich office to get the reservation completed at very short notice (the day before pickup). They were really helpful and friendly and ensured that the process went smoothly. I’m really happy to have found you guys as we plan on working in your area a lot over the next two years, and will definitely be renting vans again! Best wishes!

Donna Phillips

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