7th February 2017

Here at Global, we know how stressful moving house can be. Finding your dream home, getting everything organised and packed up, and eventually making the move can be an extremely long and drawn-out process, resulting in a lot of unnecessary strain on you and your family. Luckily, we have put together a handy guide for all of those little things that you don’t want to forget in the disruption of the move.

Removal Van Hire

The last thing you want is for the big day to roll around only for you to suddenly remember you forgot to book a removal van! Save yourself the worry and hassle of a removals company and do it yourself. Choose self-drive van hire for your move, and experience the freedom of being able to do it exactly how you want. If you have a lot of furniture or bulky items to move, why not enlist a friend or family member and hire two vans? That way the move will get finished twice as fast!

Don’t Forget…

In amongst all the hassle of moving, there are some important questions that need to be asked but usually get forgotten. Don’t forget to ask the landlord or previous owner for the location of the gas and electricity meters, stopcock, thermostat, and any necessary warranty information for the boiler or electrical items. It’s also a good idea to double check you know who the energy and broadband suppliers are, and ask which day the bins are collected on to save yourself issues further down the line.

Informing People

When you move house, you should set up for your post to be redirected to your new address. Use the Royal Mail’s postal redirection service to ensure all your post gets to you. However, it is still a good idea to get your address changed as soon as possible – don’t forget to contact your bank, doctor, dentist, place of work, your child’s school, and any newspaper or magazine subscriptions you may have.

Top Tips

Organisation and well-labelled boxes are your best friends while moving. Avoid unnecessary stress by labelling all boxes with what’s inside and the room they are meant to go in. If you’re dismantling furniture, keep all the screws, bolts and little bits for each item together, then put them in a freezer bag taped to the bit of furniture they belong to.

Make sure that your move goes as smoothly as possible with van hire from Global. Please give us a call on 03300 411611 for more information.

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Customer Testimonials

Excellent service – 1st rate – Vehicle Supplied was excellent and very good value for money. Satisfaction rating 10 out of 10

J Fulcher

Great Service! Great Guys! I have rented from other companies in the past and had mixed experiences with them. I have shown up for a rental and they didn’t have a vehicle for me. I have been overcharged. You name it! I rent vehicles all the time for my band. These guys were prompt and courteous.

Kenneth Edwards

This is the 3rd time I've hired from Global and I love the experience. The staff are wonderful and go above and beyond to be helpful. The 1st time we only had 2 of us in the car. The 2nd time there was four and this time 5. We might need a bus next time, lol. I've hired from 2 different companies in Cambridge before and they were a total pain to deal with. You guys make the whole experience easy and I am very grateful, thanks!

John Morris

A couple of weeks ago I had to rent a 17-passenger van for the film crew that I work with. I was served by your Ipswich office to get the reservation completed at very short notice (the day before pickup). They were really helpful and friendly and ensured that the process went smoothly. I’m really happy to have found you guys as we plan on working in your area a lot over the next two years, and will definitely be renting vans again! Best wishes!

Donna Phillips

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