A Statement From Our CEO Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)


A message about COVID-19 and our approach to business, daily working and partnerships. 


At Global Go!, we will continue to maintain a 'business as usual' approach to all of our activities whilst ensuring that we take all necessary steps to reduce risk whilst preparing and planning business modelling that enables us to continue to provide a seamless operation where possible to our business partners:

  1. We have taken steps across our business to take additional sanitisation and health measures when it comes to daily working and asset preparation, handover and collection. 
  2. We have prepared documents and displayed supporting information throughout all of our locations that allow our colleagues and co-workers to be informed, understand and make decisions (Including face to face meetings and regular business updates). 
  3. Our vulnerable workers have been identified and a continuous working plan has been formulated for them in a safer environment. 
  4. Our remote workers have had their travel and meeting schedules adjusted to video/audio calls to reduce the risk for all involved.
  5. Our senior management teams have been dispersed across our network to ensure business continuity. 
  6. Non-essential travel has been stopped. 
  7. The directors have created a robust business plan which prepares for varying stages of development based upon the extent of the restrictions placed upon the UK to ensure that we continue working to support our partners. This includes; remote working capability for centralised functions, and movement of rental operations (if required) across our network to ensure continuity.

In addition to this, we have strong supply chain and funder relations and are in daily contact with all of our partners to ensure that we work together to deliver continued product quality and service excellence. We’ve even invested in vehicles so that we can meet demand at a time when others are perhaps not electing to do so. 

I would finally like to add a note regarding our amazing staff, teams, colleagues and co-workers. All of us at Global Go! take pride in the work that we do. Over the last 48 hours, I’ve personally met each and every member of the team to discuss our plans and activities over the course of the next 3-4 months. Their attitude and commitment to continue to work in whatever way that will manifest itself in the short term has been nothing short of brilliant. We are a small and tightly-knit team, which means we can react, adapt, respond and act to your vehicle needs when you need us to. And, we are all here to do exactly that. 


Yours sincerely,


Gareth Jones 

Group CEO