Apply Online With Global Go!

Prospective new customers of Global Go! can now take advantage of our online account application app. Taking as little as 8 minutes to complete the mobile, tablet and desktop-based application enables customers to quickly navigate through a series of questions and upload their required information to a portal. From here the process is evaluated, reviewed with a decision being given within 48 working hours. 

Gareth Jones, group CEO, explains the decision to move to a paperless solution further. “Of course with environmental considerations we wanted to move to a paperless solution as often it falls to our sales team to go backwards and forwards to prospective customers on the process, so as well as paper there is also a lot of fuel and carbon output often in getting an account application sorted, but it was about much more than this. What we really wanted to do was to take the hassle out of the entire process. 8 minutes is still too long in my opinion as is 48 working hours, but I have to say that its a damn sight faster than everybody else is able to manage. In this process provided you have the information to hand the application and decision can be quick and easy. This non-human intervention approach means that the team can spend quality time reviewing the application and finding more ways to say yes and as well as handling more sensitive applications that require a little more time and attention.”