Bespoke Spaces For Bespoke Business

Finding an office for your business is never easy. Not only do you have to ensure the space is appropriate for every one of your employees, but you can also end up shelling out a small fortune if it isn’t.


More and more businesses are taking back control, investing in bespoke spaces that meet their exact requirements and provide vital support for their operations.


Explaining why a specialist space can make all the difference to a company, Gareth Jones, Global CEO and Co-owner of Six Hills Business Park, said: “Every business has to have a personality, whether it’s a new start up, a mid-size growing company or a major corporate.


“Shaping that personality early on is critical.


“Everyone spends most of their time at work. It needs to be fun; it needs to be conducive to productivity and it needs to be able to thrive. Creating a positive environment for staff to work in gets better results.


Removing the stresses of the commute, the costs of parking and creating shared facilities that benefit break-out health and well-being are all big plusses in the eyes of employees.


For customers it’s the same. They want to come to a facility that says, ‘I thought these guys were good, but now I know these guys are good.’ Funky, functional, quirky, professional - everything you want to say about your company.


Success follows success it’s a fact. Bland and boring doesn’t smack progressive and forward thinking. So, getting a workspace that meets your needs and aspirations is an absolute must”