Bringing Fleets Into 2021

For many of us, embracing new technology can feel like an uphill battle.


Common worries of: ‘Will it work?’ ‘What if it fails?’, can see us passing up exciting opportunities to improve our fleet and it’s functionality, and unfortunately, seeing our companies fall behind our competitors.


But investing and utilising new technology doesn’t have to be a struggle.


With communications portals and endless data at our fingertips, we can use this emerging technology to bring our fleets into the future, connecting with new customers and informing our strategic planning.


Commenting on how using this technology can change the way fleets operate, Gareth Jones, CEO of Global Go!, said: “technology is not simply a replacement for a job role or human interaction, but a tool to be used in partnership with our customers and their teams to provide them with quality solutions for every day problems. It’s easy to forget sometimes that data is simply that.


"A manifestation of content that needs experience to interpret it and drive positive action thereafter. In our company we have absolute clarity on what place tech and data have in the automotive environment. We present it in a clear and simple manner and we make it’s use by customers, entirely optional. They can choose to use none of it, some of it or all of it, but in any and every event whether they do or they don’t, it is what drives and powers our business.


"No parallel system. Just clear, visible transparency. Giving our customers choices on what they elect to use and at what level they decide to share and empower their own colleagues and co-workers is key in the delivery of benefits. Driving this kind of culture in inside-out means we can encourage more widespread use and effect greater change and efficiency”