Charity And The Responsibilities Of Businesses

Following a difficult year emotionally, as well as financially, for many families across the UK, more and more people are relying on the charity of others to support themselves and their loved ones this year.


Many businesses that have been fortunate enough to stay afloat during the pandemic have taken it upon themselves to support their communities and give back, leading many to question what kinds of responsibilities companies and corporations have in their areas.


Discussing why he felt it was so important to give back this Christmas, Gareth Jones, CEO of Global Go!, said: “This year has been one of the most physically and emotionally challenging ones for everyone I think. As a business owner in order to survive we have had to completely change our model and rethink and reset what we do.


"Working up to 80 hours a week to keep the lights on and the wheels turning, fulfilling our responsibilities to supply chain, customers and colleagues and co-workers, it’s a massive responsibility. But when you take a moment to stop and look around it makes you really evaluate everything.


"The ‘why’ factors, your mortality and that of others, the amazing work that our public sector workers do and the overwhelming resolve that the great British public have to overcome regardless of their own personal circumstances. It made me realize that we were in a position where we could do something to help. So, it started in July with our pledge to the NHS. We committed to back then and continue to give 5% of our retail revenue to the NHS forever.


"So far we have raised nearly £20,000 and the number is rising. Every single booking on retail sees this number go up every day. It’s our way to give back and generate some good from our good.


"Then we looked at some of the rising statistics on families struggle to support their loved ones as the result of COVID. We pledged to support charities further where we could, offering a van to support a charity which helped rehouse families that lose their houses due to the pandemic and offering our vehicles and services to foodbanks in the south of England, helping them to move foodstuff around.


"In December we all decided as a business we would do more for foodbanks and through fundraising internally and via the support of our customers and supply chain partners have raised over £12,000. This will enable us in December to deliver 5 van loads of food each day from 5 locations into foodbanks around the UK. We all need to remember how fortunate we are to be healthy and to be happy and it’s important to give back.


"There is an amazing spirit and an amazing sense of community at Global Go! It’s what makes us different and it’s the same approach that we apply to business to help others in our activities that we are applying here. We are just pleased to be able to do something and will continue for as long as we are able to”