Global Go! Fleet Fitted With Telematics

Global go! Are pleased to advise all of our customers, existing and prospective, that our fleet is now fitted with telematics. Our system, global positioning is powered by Cantrack global and provides access to live GPS telemetry with 30-second updates. A driver behaviour portal provides access to high level data including a behaviour score driven by metrics that measure acceleration, braking, cornering and idling. A suite of detailed reports are available that provide high level granular data on all aspects of vehicle usage whilst the tag manager system enables bespoke user access and report creation capability. All of the usual telematics features that you would expect such as visual reply, geo-fencing, out of hours usage are available on-demand and the system has the ability to export rich data electronically on an as-required, pre-scheduled distribution or full export basis into CSV, pdf or excel.

The team at Global Go! Are using the telematics system to better manage scheduled maintenance events and in-life activities and actions but in addition, are providing fleet ‘health-checks’ for our partners that are interested in exploring the benefits that telematics can potentially bring to their business. Joe O Dwyer, management trainee reports, “since we have launched telematics we have been able to work proactively with our customers to identify potential trends and patterns which we believe could lead to increased cost with regard to their fleet. Our work allows them to act rather than react further down the line, often, after the event. In some cases it’s about cost savings, in others it is about corporate social responsibility and duty of care. Above all, however, it’s being well received and where demonstrated, embraced”. National account manager, Lucy Goodall added, “the days of telematics being about ‘big-brother’ are long gone and those organisations that use their systems to simply chastise and dismiss will never unlock the real benefits that exist.

Those clients that we have worked with on the system have been able to support and encourage their teams through data to change their behaviours in a manner that protects their workforce, whilst deliver savings in the process. Savings that not only see fuel costs reduce but on-road hours reduce through better visibility and planning leading to further savings, delivered as the result of a reduction in on-road hours, insured and non-insured claims and ultimately insurance premiums.”

Global go! Are hosting free no-obligation clinics for their customers on global positioning throughout September and October. For more information contact Joe O Dwyer on