Global Go!'s Fundraising Hits £20,000

Here at Global Go!, we know it's been difficult for families and individuals during the pandemic with many forced to rely on the charity of others to get by.

That's why we decided to raise as much money as possible in order to support the vital work being carried out by foodbanks up and down the UK.

Through our fundraising effort, as well as some fantastic partner donations, we worked hard to raise money that would be used to purchase food items for those in need.

To do this, our team held raffles, took part in sponsored exercise events, and held auctions. At the same time, accepting: staff donations, customer contributions, and some amazing support from our supply chain partners. 

This week, we were pleased to announce that national supermarket Sainsbury's had contributed to the effort, pushing the fundraising fund up to £20,000. 

With a phenomenal amount of £20,000, we can now supply even more food, pushing the project out into the new year as well as making sure local families recieve support over christmas.

There's still time to donate, if you're booking a vehicle, why not add a contribution?