Global Go! Launch 45Go! Vehicle Sales Prep

As part of our continuing focus on re-marketing used assets in a clean, clear and consistent manner, Global Go! Have launched 45go! – this is a 45 stage process which will describe and appraise all assets that are marketed for sale regardless of whether they are retailed or sold to trade buyers. The process includes vehicle condition and quality checks, provenance verification and various fluid, rubber level checks as well as a thorough valet of the vehicle prior to the vehicle being made available. Finally, the vehicle has to be checked and signed off with a condition status before it can even be released for re-marketing purposes. 

Global Go! re-marketing manager, Katie Walker, said of the new standard, “it is pleasing to see a company of our size tackling some of the challenges that are faced daily in getting consistency across the country in our network for vehicle standards. This kind of process is only typically reserved for retail standard vehicles that companies normally trade out themselves, therefore it's brilliant for our trade customers that they can buy a vehicle with the full knowledge that its condition and provenance will be as accurate as it can possibly be, regardless of the location from which it is collected. Traders are often overlooked in these scenarios and are treated to a ‘you get what you are given approach’ but for us, they are the lifeblood of our business, so this standard gives clarity, consistency and hopefully, eases the sale process somewhat.” the 45go! appraisal campaign really is a group-wide initiative as it relies on every department of the global go! business working together to achieve the desired outputs. 

Pino Polito, group technical director expands further, “the process starts with the branch network who identify the asset and conduct the vast majority of the appraisal process but it then gets electronically sent to our Peterborough fleet team who verify the data, prepare the sale packs which include service histories, v5’s and spare keys where applicable before the packs get marketed for Katie and the team to make available to our traders. And, once we’ve got a bid, then the Tamworth finance team then work to complete the 45go! Process completely by ensuring that payment is collected but more importantly, that vehicles are HPI cleared and settled within 48 working hours. So, in essence, it’s a real team effort and, a massive undertaking for the company from a time and investment perspective, but is one that we felt was worthy of investment and our buyers are already seeing the benefits. More clarity on vehicle condition and background, a slicker disposal process from start to finish and hopefully, fewer errors/bounce-back rate at the back end.”

45go! Is available to all vehicle buyers of global go!  – for more information on 45go! Or to enquire about our sale vehicles please contact Katie Walker  –