Global Go! Partners With 3 Pillars Charity

The '3 Pillars - Feeding the homeless Trust' is the brainchild of both Mick Pescod and Ged Dempsey, and acts as a charity; specialising in collecting and providing donations of food, blankets, tents, and clothing to the homeless within the Cambridgeshire area.

Last week, the team over at Global Go! Peterborough were able to aid them in their latest mammoth task of transporting furniture items donated by the Peterborough Cathedral congregation for those displaced due to COVID-19. With the Mercedes-Benz Luton ready to carry these vital goods, the charity's vision is to expand the scale of the project and increase the frequency of the support for the communities most vulnerable.

The 3 Pillars, who have also recently purchased a vehicle which is to be converted to a self-sufficient catering van with the help of donations, began their efforts within a local car park, increasing their scope exponentially and now frequently feeding and offering clothing items to over 90 people per night.

Speaking about the charity's aim and what the partnership means to them, Scott Owen of 3 Pillars said: ‘We are absolutely committed to helping the most vulnerable people in our communities and the Global Go Partnership is another example of how working together we can shine a light of hope into people’s lives that are filled with darkness.’

Peterborough Branch Manager, Jaynee Corewyn, said: "Here at Global Go! Peterborough we're really proud to support the 3 Pillars in the work that they do. We hope that the van will aid them in their work and make a positive impact to people's lives in the community."


Find out more about what the 3 Pillars - Feeding the homeless Trust does here

The 3 Pillars Feeding the Homeless is a Masonic Charity but welcomes the support of local businesses, donations and volunteers. To get involved, speak to a member of their team.