Global Go! Welcomes Ultra-lightweight Chilled Vehicles

This week Global Go! is pleased to welcome brand-new chilled vehicles into the fleet. 

Completed through Maxi-Low UK, and fitted with GAH refrigeration technology, the ultra-lightweight body doesn't just look slick, but consistently delivers while maximising the vehicle's payload. Able to reach payload values of up to 1350Kg, dependent on the temperature capabilities, not only are fleets able to maximise the load of product on-board, but can be assured that the vehicle is fully compliant whilst still performing optimally.

Available as a chiller as well as a freezer vehicle, the van can sink down to temperatures of 0℃ and -20℃ respectively, perfect for storing and transporting a variety of chilled products. With some refrigerated vehicles limited to minimal drops within the working day, the Global Go! Cold vehicles are capable of around 20 door openings, with the GAH refrigeration system resiliant against dips in outside temperature.

With interest in the vehicles already on the rise, if you're a fleet operator looking to source refrigerated vehicles, why not speak to a member of our team about our Global Go! Cold range.