Global Go! CEO Named 'One To Watch' By LDC

This week, group CEO, Gareth Jones, has been named as as 'One To Watch' following a nomination to the LDC's Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders 2020. 

The list, that features individuals from a variety of businesses and industries, celebrates business leaders that continue to challenge the status quo during difficult times of economic adversity, creating jobs and growing innovative businesses with large scale impacts on their target markets.

Speaking of his feature, Mr Jones said: "I'm really grateful to be recognised by the LDC. With so many big names also included, I feel very proud to be able to showcase Global Go! and all the work we've put in as a company. Of course, with so many challenges at the moment, we've been working really hard here to adapt what we do in order to overcome any issues. By investing in new products, as well as a brand new headquarters for the business, we want to be able to share our success, creating jobs and high-quality service within our industry."

With Global Go! going from strength to strength and continuing to supply customers with industry-leading logistical solutions, it's no wonder we're being celebrated.

Read the LDC's full list here