Global Go! Supports 3 Peaks Challenge To Fund Headway

3 peaks

This week, Global Go! was lucky enough to rent a vehicle out to a team completing the national 3 peaks challenge to raise money for another fantastic cause. 

Connor Bennett, and a group of serving soldiers, decided to undertake the 24 hour trek in aid of Headway, a charity that specialise in helping those with brain injuries through support for those suffering, following a diagnosis of MoyaMoya in his younger brother, Ryan. 

The condition meant that Ryan's carotid artery had begun to close, and as a result he suffered three strokes, TIA's (transient ischaemic attack), two cardiac arrests, and needed a pacemaker fitted. During this time, Ryan required hopsital care, moving between different faciltiies in order to get the treatments he needed. As a result of this, Ryan's family were saddled with the costs of travel, food and accommodation. In order to visit Ryan daily at the hospital in Bristol, a long journey away from their family home in West Wales, the costs began to mount, at which point JustGiving and Headway stepped in and between them managed to cover the majority of the cost needed to facilitate this. 

The charity not only helped provide the family with financial support during this time, but also gave Ryan an opportunity to access support and speak to other sufferers about their shared experiences.

By undertaking the challenge, Connor and his team have managed to raise a staggering £1,680 for the charity, with Ryan even managing to join them for the final walk at Snowdon.  

On behalf of everyone at Global Go!, we want to say well done for this fantastic effort and wish you all the best of luck. 

To find out more about Connor's challenge and to donate, take a look at the JustGiving page here.