Global Team Raise Money for EACH


Brilliant news this week, as members of the Global Go! team in Stansted managed to raise a fantastic £225 for the East Anglia Children's Hospices. 

The challenge was first suggested at the Global Go! Christmas party, with Mirek boldly suggesting that he and Liviu should have a race up the drive at Sion Park.  For those that have visited Sion Park, it's certainly a steep drive, stretching around 300m from the very bottom to the top. Being a competitive bunch, Liviu instantly agreed and was adamant that he would come out victorious. Taking preparations for the race very seriously, Mirek decided to start his intensive training regiment at the gym, incorporating a fresh clean eating plan ready to fuel his body for the competition, a huge juxtaposition to Liviu, who, on the other hand, was so confident in his ability decided to put his feet up and continue to eat 2 burgers, cheesy chips and coke for lunch pretty much every day. 

Naturally, it didn't end there. After stopping by in Stansted and hearing about the impending competition, Paul and Gareth were eager to get involved; both claiming that they would easily be able to beat the other. 

With all parties finalising their race-day preparations, Stansted branch manager, Emily Fairburn, was quick to rally round and organise sponsorship for each participant, with members of the Global family placing their bets on who they thought was going to win. 

The race was streamed live through google, with other branches tuning in to supporting their runner! 

Unfortunately, there could only be one winner, and with the race complete, the standings came out as:

  1. Liviu
  2. Paul
  3. Gareth
  4. Mirek

Regardless, we're proud to say all of our participants gave a fantastic effort, raising a substantial amount of money for a charity that changes the lives of children and families across East Anglia.

With EACH being a charity that relies heavily on donations, vital support is offered to families in need completely free of charge, with the charity currently supporting 370 children and 412 family members. 

Find out more about what EACH does here.