Investing in New Markets and New Vehicles

With 2020 bringing challenge after challenge for businesses worldwide, being able to adapt and alter our practice has never been more important.


Being able to apply company expertise to new markets through investment in a variety of new products isn’t always easy, but sometimes it can be essential to overcome obstacles.


Explaining why he thinks it’s so important to step out of your comfort zone, Gareth Jones, Global Go! CEO, said: “Flexibility is the key to everything currently when it comes to the adapting needs and changes within the market place. These are unprecedented times.


“We are midway through a global pandemic, Brexit is looming the impacts of which are as yet undetermined and the effects of all of that are having far reaching consequences on the way we work and interact changing the landscape and fabric of practically every sector, good or bad.


Add into this constant legislative change and environmental consideration and the future is about as certain as predicting next week’s lottery results. Adapting and altering doesn’t need to be daunting or painful, however. Switching to more flexible solutions in fleet allows us to add, change or reduce at any time.


You can try new technology, adjust your fleet mix and really scale your business operations up and down without major capital investment or risk. It also means you can either conserve or redeploy your cash elsewhere into key areas or projects where you can make better use of it.


Fleet operators need to evolve and we are there to help them make that change, whether its supporting core offerings, changing the acquisition model, freeing up capital or simply improving efficiencies and saving money.


Doing what you always did gets you what you always got and in my eyes what the economic landscape looked like last year is not what it looks like now or will look like tomorrow”