Is The Future Of Working Remote?

Is the future of working remote?

In a year that’s seen many bid farewell to their offices in favour of their dining room table, many are starting to ask ‘what does the future of working look like?’


If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that working is no longer a simple 9-5, in office thing. Rather, a highly remote and flexible thing that will likely continue to evolve as the Coronavirus crisis continues.


Talking about how he feels working patterns will change following the pandemic, Gareth Jones, Global Go! CEO, commented: “I am really worried about the emotional, physical and psychological effects that home working is having on the workforce right now.


“The fun factor of working at home is really wearing off for many and there is no release or let up from when the working day starts to when the working day ends. That’s not good. It’s not good for families, relationships or employers.


“On one hand employers might think that this is a great solution. No need for offices, more productivity and efficiency for them from their staff as the working patterns are extended but in the mid to long term it is fraught with risk.


“Employees will eventually leave those that leave them at home in favour of social interaction and/or to improve their work life balance. It is going to happen.


“Smart employers should ditch their city offices and owned premises and swap these for flexible spacious accommodation with shared services.


“This gives the best of both worlds and we are already seeing emerging companies approaching us as they seek flexible cost-effective expandable workspace, but equally we are seeing a rise in companies leaving town centres in search of a better balance.


“But as a cautionary note, employers with home workers need to be aware of the forward risks.”