Pandemic Proofing The Industry

Following a year that’s seen thousands of companies go bust or halt their operations, what can we learn about adapting our businesses during difficult times?


Perhaps your company has altered its clientele, developed a new product, or been forced to swap elements of its supply chain. Whatever the case, it’s clear that flexibility and resilience has seen many companies survive and even grow during the lockdowns.


It’s this flexibility that’s engrained in the way Global Go! operate. Not only have we incorporated a range of brand new vehicles to our fleet, but we’ve adapted the way we work to provide a safe experience for our customers and staff alike.


Explaining why this flexibility is so important, Jaynee Corewyn, Rental Lead at our Six Hills location said: “At the start of the pandemic we pledged early on that we would find a way to keep supporting our customers and keep the wheels of their business turning. Hundreds of customers were relying on us so we took some simple but effective measures. We were already on e-sign and electronic methods of working for account opening and creating propositions, but we stepped this up significantly, improving our account turnaround time from 48 working hours to same-day.


"This meant that companies that had a need to open account facilities with us to trade could do so quickly and efficiently. This then brought us onto the matter of safety and security for not only our customers but our own colleagues and co-workers. Again, we already adopted e-sign technology for rental agreements and check sheets, but we took this a stage further by getting special dispensation through legals and our governing body the BVRLA, to replace signatures with images for asset handover and check in verification.


"This immediately made the rental process completely contactless for all of our customers. On our retail rentals to the general public in addition to the steps outlined we took 90% of what would normally be the ‘in branch process’ and placed it on line meaning that all the customer had to do was turn up. Adding contactless vehicle handover stations and implementing enhanced cleaning processes completed the process.


"Due to the flexible nature of our product, we scaled customers fleets down and up dependent on sector which enabled them to manage their own very specific sets of needs and demands but we were able to do so safely and efficiently”


With the added benefits of our Global SWITCH, businesses can also utilise dynamic ways to manage their long-term fleet requirements.


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