Supporting Local

We’re always told to shop local, to support our local pubs and restaurants, to invest in our local communities, so why should renting a vehicle be any different?


It’s all too common that when we’re sourcing our vehicles we look towards the big names; the multinationals among us, but what would happen if we took a chance on our local suppliers.


At Network Go! when it comes to finding a vehicle, we’re keen to showcase our top-quality service and vehicles. We’re always committed to providing a personal approach, and our experienced team are always willing to go above and beyond for your business.


Commenting on why it pays to source vehicles locally, Gareth Jones, Network Go! CEO, said: “Around the UK there are a whole range of local and regional vehicle rental firms that are available to meet the needs and demands of customers in that geographic locality. They know the areas well, have a wealth of experience and above all a pride and passion around all that they do.


"This means that they can provide quality vehicles, presented well, delivered on time with an experience that you are not likely to find from a single brand national provider. They care and for them, it’s their reputation on the line and its personal. And this, is probably the single most defining factor of them all. In a world where everything is transactional and at arm’s length sourcing locally is what makes the difference. It’s what makes it work with no issues 90% of the time and it’s what gets the 10% of issues sorted quickly and efficiently


“That’s why I set up Network Go! I know what it’s like to work in national single brand companies both supplying clients myself and via brokering solutions. I also know what it’s like to work in an independent and what that solution is like both as a customer and as a supplier. National companies looking for fleet solutions need the visibility and reporting that single sourcing and aggregating provides, however it’s not without its challenges.


"Quality, service, consistency and cost not just in the rental but the peripheral elements such as admin charges and damage costs. By creating a national solution and simplifying the tech on a single platform we are delivering all the benefits of a single source provider and combining it with pride and passion delivered locally and regionally by the experts in that area. And we are putting all the data into the hands of the customer live 24:7:365. Better together.”