Transparency and Success

When it comes to signing a deal for long term fleet solutions, what you don’t want is to complete the process only to find that it’s not what you thought.


Honesty and trust are essential for any successful partnership, especially when you’re putting your time and trust into the pot.


At Global Go!, we’re aware that when you choose to take vehicles from us, you’re putting your trust into us and into our team. In return, we’re keen to reassure you that working with Global Go! means working with complete transparency in order to provide the best quality service for both our team and yours.


Speaking about why transparency is key when it comes to long term hire, Global Go! CEO, Gareth Jones, said:


For us here its very simple. If it feels like hard work at the start, then it will likely be hard work all the way through. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make the entire process from end to end easy, fair, professional and personal. The account process has been simplified. It can be done online and completed in seven minutes. Our customers get a decision within 48 working hours in the majority of cases, often less. When it comes to the proposal of product and service i.e. what the customer is getting we make this clear and simple too.


"Clear easy pricing structures with a simple account of what is and isn’t included and our process flows. We don’t allow a customer to trade until they have read and reviewed what we are offering, and we give them the opportunity to review, digest and challenge – online. Only when its signed do we start the set-up process which involves setting our customers up on our Syner-G platform which gives them access to all that we do 24:7:365.


"Getting it right at the start means that its harder to get it wrong and by utilising the technology that we deploy, we are able to spend more time delivering the human element and addressing genuine needs and concerns than paper chasing.


"The fleet sorts itself from an admin, visibility, reporting and compliance point of view which allows us to focus on the data and work hard at keeping the whole life cost down, an area where typically the love often breaks down”


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