Who's Behind Your Technology?

Technology has been developing within the rental industry for quite some time.


From booking portals to self-service rental, it’s easy to feel that service is fast becoming impersonal and fully automated and losing the personal touch that can make an experience so special.


When it comes to utilising technology, it’s clear that the benefits can outweigh the issues, but what does that mean for those behind the tech?


At Global Go!, technology will never be a replacement for a job role, but rather a tool to be used in partnership with rental teams to help improve and develop their practice.


Behind our booking portal is an experienced team committed to getting the best for your fleet, and behind our phone line, a support system you can rely on.


Speaking about why the personal touch is so important when it comes to vehicle rental, Ollie Weston, of Global Go!, said: “Anyone that’s worked in rental will know that their lives are governed by processes, controls and software platforms. Often of which most are never linked or never aligned to what the customer experience looks like. This can for customers sometimes feel like a real obstacle and leads to personal challenges for the rental teams that are attempting to give a service, but are constrained in what they can say, do or deliver.


Our platforms and processes have been 100pc designed around the customer, speed and visibility. We take so much care and consideration in the customer set up process that our teams can focus purely on service delivery and the overall experience. We don’t ever have to shuffle around looking for rates, paperwork and such like as everything is pre-approved meaning that the rental experience is always about fulfillment, not form completion. And it doesn’t stop there. Syner-G means that customers can self-serve, interact and analyse at their discretion meaning that we can act in a more fast and effective way”


If you’re looking to source vehicles with a personal touch, why not speak to a member of the Global Go! Team to learn more.