Why technology deployment in fleets isn’t the answer and should be optional

For many of us, embracing new technology can feel like an uphill battle.


Common worries of: ‘Will it work?’ ‘What if it fails?’, can see us passing up exciting opportunities to improve our fleet and its functionality, and unfortunately, seeing our companies fall behind our competitors.


But investing and utilising new technology doesn’t have to be a struggle.


With communications portals and endless data at our fingertips, we can use this emerging technology to bring our fleets into the future, connecting with new customers and informing our strategic planning.


Technology is not simply a replacement for a job role or human interaction, but a tool to be used in partnership with supply chain and their customers and partners to provide them with quality solutions for everyday problems. It’s easy to forget sometimes that data is simply a manifestation of content that needs experience to interpret it and drive positive action thereafter.


Automotive organisations that can not only present clear, simple and effective data but also then take that starting position to not only improve it but further drive permanent change will be the ones that thrive in the landscape of the future.


Making all elements of technology deployment optional is key in winning hearts and minds because the pace of change in each customer is completely different. For varying reasons, workforce, culture, environment, circumstance, each situation is different. Therefore, adapting the solution appropriately gives organisations the chance to really make a difference at their own pace, making it more likely to be sticky and permanent which is will in turn promote a healthy environment from which to build on and out from.


Driving this kind of culture in inside-out encourages more widespread use to effect greater change and efficiency