Work Continues on New Global HQ

With work on the new Global Go! headquarters continuing to get underway, the excitement of a new site continues to build from both staff and customers.

This week, the team over at the new Six Hills site worked hard on a number of tasks, adding structural elements, fitting air conditioning, and even painting the site in our classic Global grey. 

The site boasts an incredible 44,000 square footage and 16 workshop bays, and once complete will feature a restaurant space able to seat around 50 individuals and room for further development. 

Speaking about the development so far, marketing manager Mia Bolton-Jones said: 'It's a really exciting space with tons of potential for expansion and functional design. We want this to be a place that our team, and customers, can really make the most of, and we can't wait for everyone to see what we've done with the place. The site marks an important new chapter for the business, so we're all looking forwards to getting stuck in.'ImageImage