FAQs about our vehicle hire services

Frequently asked vehicle hire questions

Below are answers to some of the questions that we get asked most regularly.

If you've got a question but can't see the answer here, contact us. One of our friendly, helpful team will be more than happy to help with your enquiry.

We operate one the newest premium fleets available in the market place. You can hire a Hyundai i20 if cost and efficiency considerations are your priority. Or perhaps you want something solid and dependable, like a Golf, A Class, or BMW 1 series. Finally, our premium range includes BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

Yes they are! We operate a range of vans for short, mid and long term hire. All premium badge brand products, from Mercedes Benz, to VW and Ford. We have all the latest models on fleet; all fitted with the latest features and extras to ensure that whether you're moving house, taking your teenagers to university, or just doing a simple trip to the tip, all your needs are catered for.

Often our retail customers do not know exactly the size of vehicle that they will need. And at times, if youre not experienced in driving a larger vehicle, some guidance may be useful. We've tried to do this by referencing sizes and dimensions on the site as well as giving some examples of what our vehicles may be perfect for. But our friendly helpful teams are always on hand to provide guidance and advice and would be more than happy to discuss what you need with you. 

Every time a customer takes a vehicle from us, our team of experienced professionals will guide you through the process. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave we will make sure you are fully aware of the vehicle and what you are getting. We will talk you through the paperwork, what is and isn’t included, and we will walk you around the vehicle and familiarise you with the specific features of the vehicle that you are taking.

We have been renting vehicles over 25 years and are BVRLA accredited, which is the industry standard for rental and leasing companies. Our business is vehicle rental, not damage recharge, which is why we walk you around the vehicle when you collect it, and do the same again when you bring it back. You will always be with us when we do this, and we only ask you to sign for something that you’ve done! If there is a charge then we deal with it quickly, professionally and in the most cost effective manner possible. Service as standard! It’s what we are measured on, working to BVRLA guidelines at all times.

Yes you can. We offer a range of products which will be explained to you when you come into the branch. You are not obliged to take any of them, but we recommend these to help mitigate your risk against windscreen damage, and reduce your excess in the event of an accident.