Taking vehicle user-ship to the next level


Is it time to SWITCH?

The truly dynamic way to manage your long term fleet requirements from the company that are driving change.

Managing your requirements can be a bit of a challenge. One day you need three, then you need five, and then there's that new contract which means your current fleet is too small and you need something larger! Perhaps the economic landscape has changed and you need more environmentally friendly vehicles which are compliant, clean, and more fuel and cost-efficient. Who knows? What we do know is that life isn't one long straight and smooth road. When times get tough you need to be able to react, but when an opportunity comes your way then you have to be ready to embrace it. That's why we created SWITCH... Four easy ways to acquire and operate your fleet from Global Go!. 

Take it, use it and when you've finished with it - send it back to us.
You know what you want, when you want it, how long you want it for. Predictive certainty with fixed cost budgeting. 
You've got a fleet of existing vehicles. They're old, tired and don't fit the bill. Let us buy them off you and replace them with a new, more effective and efficient fleet. 
Alternatively, you could transform your fleet into a personal solution, retaining full control over your business, brand and image whilst outsourcing your fleet cost and liabilities to your third parties via a sub-contract user-ship scheme. Control without the cost. 
Not sure?
If you’re not sure, why not operate your fleet of cars and vans on a mixture of all four solutions. And the best bit… you can flip between all the solutions at any time; genius!